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  》Digital Multimeter
  ·Self-calibration TRMS Multimeter
  ·Smart Multimeter
  ·High Performance DMM
  ·Auto Range DMM
  ·Pen-Type Multimeter
  ·Manual-Range DMM
  ·Automotive Engine Analyzer
  ·Pocket Size DMM
  》Clamp-On Meter
  ·Smart AC Clamp-On Meter
  ·AC/DC Clamp-On Meter
  ·Small Size Clamp Meter
  》Infrared Thermometer
  》Discontinued Model
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  Quality Policy
Quality Policy

 Our quality policy is Advanced Technology, Elaborated Manufacture, Continual Improvement, Customer Satisfaction.

 Advanced Tchnology :
 Science and technology are the first productivity. Lead by the advanced technology, Digitek widely applied in the advanced techniques, materials and equipments to develop new models and serve the customers.
Elabroated Manufacture: 
Digitek strictly regulate the process discipline and operating procedures, and arrange the production as theWorking instruction to ensure the process under control and improve the product examination qualification rate.  
Continual Improvement: 
"Continual Improvement" is our eternal goal, by monitoring and measuring the processes, Digitek collect and analyze the data, and take timely corrective and preventive actions to ensure the continual improvement on the quality management system and meet the customer's need. The completion rates of the actions is 100%.
Customer Satification:
Customer Satification is the goal that all the staff of Digitek purse. Thanks to the excellent communication and costumer services skills, the customer acceptance rate is 98%; To handle all complains and inquiriesin time and properly, the customer satisfaction rate achieves above 90%.
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