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  》Digital Multimeter
  ·Self-calibration TRMS Multimeter
  ·Smart Multimeter
  ·High Performance DMM
  ·Auto Range DMM
  ·Pen-Type Multimeter
  ·Manual-Range DMM
  ·Automotive Engine Analyzer
  ·Pocket Size DMM
  》Clamp-On Meter
  ·Smart AC Clamp-On Meter
  ·AC/DC Clamp-On Meter
  ·Small Size Clamp Meter
  》Infrared Thermometer
  》Discontinued Model

Digitek Instruments Co., Ltd., founded in 1987 in Hong Kong, is one of the leading manufacturers of digital and analogue multimeters in China. In 1992, our factory was relocated in Shenzhen China to in order to make our cost as low as possible.

And our head office remains in Hong Kong so that we can be reached more conveniently by oversea customers. In 2003, we had a new office located in California in order to provide better services to our customers in American and Canadian markets.

In 2007, the factory moved to China's Yangtze River Delta region and further near the financial and industrial center Shanghai, Taicang, so that the original company with a strong background in Shanghai to establish the regional advantages.

Digitek is recognized for its commitment to providing the highest level of services for its customers. As an ISO certified company, Digitek has met the quality standards of excellence set by the industry-respected international standards organizations. 

Digitek is now welcoming customers from all over the world to establish business relationships in the coming future. Customers will benefit from our instruments by staying competitive through innovative products that will improve efficiency and increase sales!     more>>>>


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