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Self-calibration TRMS Multimeter -- 2012-3-1

     Self-calibration multimeter is one of DIGITEK’s inventions for handheld multimeters. Its patent is 200910054278.6. It has now been used in the new series of digital multimeters listed hereafter.

     Self-calibration of a multimeter is the unique specialty in DIGITEK’s products. During the production process, or the user’s daily use, the Self-calibration procedure can be started for the Self-calibration of the internal standard resistance network. It can not only reduce production cost, but also provide higher reliability within a longer time and wider temperature range to the users that need higher accuracies in the measurements.
     Besides, it’ll become easier to those end users who need regularly measurement and calibration on the multimeter. This is difficult to be done by other digital multimeters.
             DT-2867                               DT-9603                                 DT-9053                               DP-1010


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